It has been three years since the famous academic actor Yu Tianlin’s academic fraud. Although he did not see him after his apology, his career was in a state of suspension. However, his influence has always followed the trend, especially for college students. That is to say, the graduation rate of graduation thesis is reduced, which makes it impossible to successfully complete the business.

The academic fraud has continued to ferment, and the graduates are writing a thesis while staying up late.

Last month, Hong Kong media sent a heavy news, that is, the "safe and stealing" incident, this incident is also quickly heated up by everyone, the two parties to this matter have expressed their apologies. However, the work of the two men has also been greatly affected. Huang Xinying went away from Hong Kong to the United States. This thing has the biggest impact on Zheng Xiuwen and Ma Guoming!

Huang Xinying will file for bankruptcy to avoid compensation? Breaking up with Ma Guoming because of the second generation of boyfriend?

On the morning of May 23, Shanghai’s “6·28” killing of primary school students was publicly pronounced. The defendant Huang Yichuan was sentenced to death for intentional homicide and deprived of political rights for life. On June 28, 2018, Huang Yichuan chopped three boys and one parent with a kitchen knife near the World Foreign Language Primary School. Two of the boys died after being rescued. The court found through trial that Huang Yichuan was guilty of murdering innocent children because he believed that he was insulted and hurt by others.

The latest development of the smashing of primary school students in Shanghai: the suspect was prosecuted for intentional homicide

On May 30th, Beijing time, in the Panda Cup that just ended yesterday, China National Youth Team ended the Panda Cup in a three-game losing streak of 10 to 3, and the winner of this Panda Cup is the old Korean team of the national football team. Compared with the Chinese team, the South Korean team has performed very well this time. In this Panda Cup, it also won the Panda Cup championship in a three-game winning streak, although this is undoubtedly a very big for the Chinese team. The shame, the team ushered in an unprecedented three-game losing streak,

Must apologize! After winning the game, the South Korean team made an insult to the trophy and caused all the fans to be angry.