The psychological maturity age of men is generally later than women, which is well known. Men like to play, in fact, nothing wrong. After all, it is a young man. It is impossible to ask them for the lifestyle of the elderly. As long as they do not do things well, we should give them more understanding. When Xiaobian saw the news that "the man was resigned and his wife jumped off the building", he felt unforgivable. Because this not only does not get anything, but also loses these things.

The man was resigned and his pregnant wife jumped off the building. This not only did not get anything, but also lost these things.

At noon on May 7, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau received a report that some people on the roof of the Darunfa Supermarket in Gonghe New Road had to jump off the building. Public security, firefighting, etc. rushed to the scene for rescue. At the scene, the police found that a man was sitting on the outdoor signboard on the third floor of the supermarket, and a woman stood on the edge of the fence.

The man was resigned from his wife and jumped to the building. He carefully selected the address of the jumped building and tried to use the attention to obtain compensation.

After Wang Yuancheng became an adult, he has been emphasizing that he is very close to this matter. The fans of the passers-by have treated him as a child. The smoking is only exposed. Wang Yuan has finally been labeled as an adult. The source of the Taipa that Wang Yuan showed before, with the collapse of smoking, the passers-by accused nothing, some fans began to take off the powder.

Wang Yuan apologized three times a year, smoking, flipping the railing and laughing, the fan tolerance is too high.