Hong Xin was once the head of the jade woman. For Mo Shaocong’s unmarried child, he did not get the happiness. Until he met Zhang Danfeng, who was 10 years old, a happy smile always appeared on his face. This relationship has also been jeopardized in recent days. Due to the excessive intimacy of the female agent and Zhang Danfeng, many people are worried that Hong Xin will become the female version of Wang Baoqiang.

After Hong Xin responded to the derailed female agent, Zhang Danfeng finally made a sound, but the netizen said that he did not take responsibility.

Zhang Danfeng’s derailment has been fermented for several days. From the broker Bi Yifa’s long text denied that the wife’s Hong Xin’s positive response said that the couple’s clothes were just a little girl’s love and beauty. I believe Zhang Danfeng could be exposed later that his wife Hong Xin said that he had quit. Hey, and Bi Wei likes Zhang Danfeng. Hong Xin also said that Bi Wei wore a bathrobe to their bedroom. Every problem is incredible.

Zhang Danfeng responded to the rumors of derailment for the first time. Netizens only want to quit Bi Wei. Hong Xin’s words contain profound meaning.

It has been half a year since Guan Xiaoyu and Lu Han announced their love affair. Although at the time various "breakup predictions", nowadays the two have proved the "true love" with facts and time! The 7-year-old Luhan, who is older than his little girlfriend, is waiting for his 28-year-old today. birthday. The good friends of Luhan in the entertainment circle have also sent blessings and quick successes for this!

Guan Xiaotong is a 28-year-old Lu Hanqing, and his relatives love to be on the line. The netizen screams: "True!"