Recently, online rumors of 2019 graduates expect a monthly salary of 6000-7999 yuan. However, judging from the actual contract signing situation, the monthly salary of 70% of the 2019 graduates is less than 6,000 yuan, of which 4,000 yuan or less accounted for 35.77%. Compared with the past, the salary situation in 2019 has not been improved, but it is still far below the expectations of the graduates before work.

The current monthly salary is less than 6,000? normal! The value that has not been proven can not bring value!

Naturalized players may be able to help the national football team to enter the World Cup. Under the premise of limited national football strength, naturalized players are a good choice. Li Ke has now officially become a national football naturalization player, and other players in naturalization are no longer far away. Recently, news about the naturalization of Gao Lat has continued. The media revealed that Guangzhou Evergrande provided Gao Laite with a five-year contract, which was related to naturalization. In addition, Gao Laite’s friends confirmed t

Gao Laate’s friend revealed that Gao Lat has received an invitation to become naturalized in China, and the formalities are about to begin.

Lead: Good-looking movies, constantly exciting. Hello everyone, welcome to my hundred homes. What I bring to you today is the film "The Action of Icebreaking". I think friends who like icebreakers already know that yesterday is its finale. Originally, the opening of this film is a wonderful and compact story. Coupled with some old bones and supporting actors, all of them are acting, and many viewers must follow the drama every night.

The finale of "Icebreaking Action" was squandered, and the director apologized. What do you think?