Tonight, Guangzhou Evergrande will face Daegu FC at home. This is an uncompromising AFC Champions League life and death. Only winning can guarantee Guangzhou Evergrande to advance to the knockout. Although both Yulin and Yu Hanchao were absent, it was good for Taliska to return from injury in time, and he could play and give Guangzhou Evergrande a certain protection.

Missing the war on the port? Exposure Taliska is about to return to his hometown for more than a month, missing the Evergrande 5 games

A few days ago, the Zhoukou male boy lost the incident with new progress. According to the Dahe client on the 19th, the crime scene was not the scene of the baby boy’s loss. There was a hidden suspicion behind the “Zhoukou Boy Infant Incident”. In this regard, the father of the baby boy told the news on the evening of May 19, thanking the society for concern, the child did not have problems, but it was still affected. As to whether the incident is otherwise hidden, the other party did not give a direct reply. The relatives of the baby boy said that the c

Henan boy baby case suspected of hidden love baby boy relatives: hope things stop here

Compared with the forces of the various parties in the past, Guo Degang, behind the knife, Zhang Yunlei and the masters, it is much more happy, the red is not much, the wrong is wrong, do not have to cover up, the cross talk is no more than singing actors, Only for the years when I was popular, I was slowly grinding and getting more and more charm. Guo Degang spoke well and lived a healthy life. You are an artist. If you are with a rhythm, you will have nothing to lose. These are life stories and tastes. It’s only a matter of time.

Zhang Yunlei’s performance was called to stop? Guo Degang defends his apprentice

When it comes to the names of these two people, Meng Mengyao and He Junjun, everyone may have been tired of the "dog abuse" madness of the two, a hot search for frequent searches. Such a big battle is quite strong. When I first asked Qi Biao to marry Guo Biting, it was also passed around for 2 days. Recently, He Junjun and Yan Mengyao surpassed Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting. Everyone is paying attention to Meng Mengyao and He Junjun from time to time.

Meng Mengyao responded to pregnancy for the first time, smiling and covering everything with 12 words!

Today, a traffic accident occurred in Linhe West Road in Guangzhou. The cause of the accident was that a female driver driving a Mercedes-Benz C200L ran into a red light and ran into the crowd crossing the road and two cars. At present, 13 people were injured in the accident, 2 of them were seriously injured, and the driver Ding Mou (female, 45 years old) has also been under the control of the police. The cause of the specific accident has not been accurately stated, but according to the video and According to the photo analysis, the female driver wore t

The Mercedes-Benz female driver drove in high heels and injured 13 people! What kind of shoes are the most suitable for driving?

On May 11th, Xiamen, Fujian Province, a tourist stayed at the Peacock Cloud Hotel in Xiamen Mingfa Commercial Plaza. When the sheets were opened, they found that the sheets were not washed, and there were large pieces of urine, and there were curls everywhere. Very disgusting, the visitor said that the hotel did not refund the money that night, had to go to other brand hotels.

Very disgusting! The netizen broke the news that the sheets of the home were large in the urine, and the curly hair could be seen everywhere.