On the evening of September 24th, Dr. Liu received a single from Changsha Yulan China Telecom Business Hall to Wangcheng Aohai Wangzhou, and three passengers came on; during the journey, a passenger began to eat with chopsticks. There is a noodle soup. For safety reasons, Master Liu said that he would discourage the passenger from eating noodles in the car, so as not to brake or turn when the chopsticks hurt the passengers. As a result, Master Liu’s head was injured by bricks by passengers.

The drip driver discouraged the passengers from eating and being injured, and the pressure of public opinion pointed to the passengers this time.

As of May 29, 2019, the financial subsidiary of the last postal savings bank of the six state-owned banks has also been approved, which means that the state-owned six major financial management subsidiaries have all been approved. The financial subsidiaries of ICBC, CCB and Bank of Communications have already started to operate. Many people are asking what the bank financing subsidiary is doing. In the past, in the bank, you can still save, you can manage your finances, and what is the use of a bank financial management subsidiary?

The six major banks of the financial management company were all approved. What exactly is the bank wealth management company doing?

According to reports, recently, the Hunan Dongkou County Public Security Bureau issued a reward notice. At 17:50 on May 21, 2019, a major criminal case occurred in Huangqiao Town, Dongkou County, Hunan Province. The suspect was suspected of having a major suspect. On May 25, Zhang again murdered two old people and two children. In other words, the suspect Zhang, who killed 5 people in 5 days, is still at large, which is really sad and unacceptable.

The man killed 5 people in 5 days and was wanted. The camera really only saw it when he was breaking the rules.

In Jilin Changchun, there is a national public official who is nearly 60 years old. He used money as a bait for more than two years and repeatedly raped and raped underage girls, causing the girl to become pregnant and induce labor. The defendant Fu Guohua was born in July 1956. He was a former researcher at the Chaoyanggou Compulsory Isolation Drug Treatment Center in Changchun City. The abnormal relationship between Fu Guohua and the victim Zhang lasted for more than two years. Zhang was born in 2003 and was just 12 years old at the time of the inciden

The deputy investigator sexually assaulted the girl, causing her to induce labor after pregnancy, and finally decided this way!