I think that "11 Special Agents Huangpu" (later renamed "Agent Huang Chu Chuqiao", hereinafter referred to as "Chu Qiao Chuan") used a lot of content similar to his own works, "Ms. Kyushu·Zhuzhu" author Ms. Huang (The pen name Xiao Ruser) appealed to the court the author of "Chu Qiao Chuan", Ms. Zhao (pen name Xiaoxiang Donger), Jiangsu Phoenix Literature Publishing Co., Ltd., Amazon Excellence Co., Ltd. Yesterday morning, the Chaoyang court publicly heard the case.

"Chu Qiao Chuan" accused of plagiarism

During this time, everyone is paying attention to Chinese football, mainly because Chinese football has a lot of heavy news during this time. The first heavy news is that Lippi is returning again. The second heavy news is of course that Shanghai’s bosses have It may be the chairman of the next Chinese Football Association. The third hot spot is the naturalized player. Previously, naturalization was only for Chinese players with Chinese blood. Now many outstanding foreign aids are also under investigation. These three heavy news, any one It is a topic tha

Gao Laat is naturalized in China. Why is the official media nine words negated?

Yang Mi’s current drama ratings are very good, and the fire has been very popular for so many years. However, her emotional status has always been a concern of fans. When she married Liu Weiwei, she raised her worth, but after she gave birth to a small glutinous rice, the two became strangers, and people had to wonder if they had already divorced. After all, Yang Mi is now a popular little flower, and his career is successful, and Liu Weiwei is only a dozen stars in the entertainment circle.

Hot Ba Zhang greatly zero point for Yang Mi Qingsheng, Liu Weiwei did not move, netizen: Cool?

On May 21 and May 25, two major criminal cases occurred in Huangqiao Town, Dongkou County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. The same suspect was Zhang Juqian, and two cases resulted in five deaths. On the 26th, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that the local public security and armed police departments have organized more than a thousand manpower to carry out carpet-type raids on suspects. The villages have also strengthened patrols to ensure the safety of villagers.

Hunan men killed 5 people in 5 days and were wanted.

Ren Bonian, master of Chinese painting, Shanyin of Zhejiang, is known as the four masters of the late Qing Dynasty. Because of his belief in Taoism, he was also known as a Taoist priest. His style is vivid and vivid. His color is bright and elegant, especially for painting flowers and birds, Zhong Rong, and painting. Mr. Xu Beihong, who is the leader of the summit, is full of praise.

Whose child is in trouble! The famous paintings of Ren Bonian in the late Qing Dynasty were torn or exempted from compensation?