e company news, on the evening of May 23, Shendatong announced that the company and the actual controller Jiang Jian was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The reason was that the CSRC did not cooperate in the process of performing its duties according to law, and was suspected of violating relevant securities laws and regulations. The Securities Times·e company reporter was informed that when the CSRC inspectors went to Shen Datong to deliver the “Notice of Filing a Case”, the relevant personnel of the company refused to accept

Exclusive: Shen Datong was violently resisted after being investigated

Recently, the loss of Zhoukou baby caused concern in the whole network. On the day of the incident, netizens condemned the criminals who stole the baby, and unanimously called for it to be brought to justice and severely punished. At the same time, everyone also spread the tracing notice on the Internet. Pray that the child can return to his family safely. Although the child was finally recovered safely, the development of the plot was like a suspense drama, which made netizens unable to believe.

Zhoukou baby lost the truth, the plot is full of twists and turns, netizen: too dog blood

Since 2018, with the increasingly strict environmental protection and environmental protection in the economic belt along the Yangtze River, phosphate rock and phosphate fertilizer have entered the stage of de-capacity, the supply and demand structure has improved, and prices have continued to rise. According to relevant data, the price of phosphate ore in the first half of the year rose by 30%.

Scarcity is comparable to rare earths, and another mineral price is rising! These mining companies have benefited

On May 20th, the West Lake District Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau announced on the official Weibo on the afternoon of the 20th that several security personnel from a residential area in Hangzhou were killed. The report said that the incident was caused by a scratch accident, a security dispute with the courier on the truck, the courier Zhang Moumou caused five security guards injured, no life-threatening, three people involved in the case have been controlled by the police .

Many security guards in Hangzhou were detained, and the cause of the incident went through detailed

The magician who just resigned as the president of the Lakers participated in the podcast program, in which he admitted that it was a mistake to let go of Lopez, but he said that it was not the case that Randall and the trader Zubaz were let go. In addition, Johnson said that part of his departure was due to General Manager Pelinka, who said that the latter was the one who spread "the magician is not working hard enough."

Mei Kee: The magician is "bombardment" on the show, but Pelinka is looking at the rookie for the Lakers.