Hi! Hello everyone, I met again, today Xiaobian brought to everyone is: Tang Yan pregnant add a real hammer, small belly raised full of pregnancy, netizen: sit and wait for the real hammer! Speaking of Tang Yan, I believe that many small partners are no strangers. He and Luo Jin both became married in Vienna in 2018. The wedding held by the two was very romantic. Many friends in the circle were present to the two. blessing. The two have been very low-key since they got married, but since the two married, the media has paid close attention to them, and of

Tang Yan pregnant and add a real hammer, small belly raised full of pregnancy, netizen: sit and wait for the real hammer!

At 22:20 on May 25, a major criminal case occurred in Huangqiao Town, Dongkou County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province. Two elderly people and two children were killed. The suspect was Zhang Juqian, a man born in 1963, and he is a The fugitive suspect, on May 23, the Dongkou police arrested a villager for a reward of 20,000 yuan for his murder at 17:50 on May 21. The time of the first case occurred was the birthday of the suspect’s Gregorian calendar.

The man killed 5 people in 5 days, two for the elderly and the children. The police offered a reward of 50,000 yuan and kept the report confidential.

Although the intense Qatar Open ended, it is still immersed in the fans. If you ask: "Which ball game is impressive?" He will return to you without hesitation: " This is still asking, it must be the game that Ding Ning’s captain swept Iraq’s Ito’s 4:0. It’s really a feeling of enthusiasm and a lot of relief. I immediately convinced Ito Meicheng,” In fact, from the depths of Ito Meicheng, she is not afraid of Ding Ning, she will be afraid of someone else.

Although Ito Meicheng was swept by Ding Ning at 0:4, she was really afraid of another person.

There are rivers and lakes in some places, and there are various stories in some places. There are good and bad, and there are slight bad events. In recent days, several bad incidents have been made, such as: 45 people in the class and 45 people were beaten, and Jolin Tsai was laser-focused. Today, two more vicious incidents are reported: men kill 5 people in 5 days and prisoners 15 people die.

Injury event! Men killed 5 people in 5 days Reward notice Prisoner conflict 15 people died Investigation