"Icebreaking Action" PK "The Name of the People", what are the differences between the roles, who is more popular

“Icebreaking Action“ Theme: Anti-drugs Number of episodes: 48

The Name of the People Theme: Anti-corruption Episodes: 52

From the subject matter, it reflects the focus of everyone“s attention in real life, and it is related to the government agencies. It involves sensitive issues and can resonate with us. It also reflects the difficulties and dangers of frontline workers.

Positioning: Li Weimin - Justice (expectation)

Li Dakang - Justice

Features: Li Weimin - old and earnest

Li Dakang - indifference and boring

Wu Gang’s acting skills needless to say, Li Weimin’s role is unlikely to be blackened for the time being, but it is not entirely certain now, why? We can compare him with Gao Yuliang. Gao Yuliang is because of Tong Tongwei being pulled into the water, and Li Weimin will not be taken into the water by Ma Yunbo. One is the teacher-student relationship, and the other is the mentoring relationship. This possibility cannot be ruled out. The name to guess the pros and cons is not sure of his position. He compares him with Gao Yuliang, nurtures, cultivates talents, defends the people, and safeguards the people. There is no obvious hidden good or bad, and then he is the same great man. It is not possible to affirm the position of the character from the name, only as a guess, because this may be ironic.

Li Dakang’s role is a bit of a six-parent feeling. He does not care for the people around him. He does not take care of the people around him. As a leader, he has principles and strength, but as a family member, he is not competent, and Li Weimin is more like people. The care of the adopted child is meticulous, and the work is quite dedicated. It feels more like a real person.

Positioning: Li Fei - Justice

Hou Liangping - Justice

Features: Li Fei - slamming impulse

Hou Liangping - daring

Huang Jingyu (Li Fei), as a male lord, is not perfect in character. He is a straight man. It can be seen from the attitudes of Ma Wen and Chen Yu, and it is very rash. He goes to Chata Village and does not communicate with others. And the relationship with the people around him is not very good, of course, this can also be understood as maverick, which has a lot to do with his small living environment.

Lu Yi (Hou Liangping) is a warm man, very charismatic, surrounded by a large group of good comrades, willing to pay for him.

Both of them have been designed to encounter, Huang Jingyu became a suspect who killed Song Yang, was arrested in the police station, Lu Yi was framed by Xiao Gangyu forged materials and accepted bribes. The difference is that Lu Yi was charged with the help of friends and colleagues, and Huang Jingyu was self-incriminating with the help of his adoptive father.

Positioning: Song Yang - Justice

Chen Hai - Justice

Features: Song Yang - slamming impulse

Chen Hai - brave and upright

Both of them were killed by criminal groups, and they were the key figures in the main story. Although they played a lot of time, they were impressive.

The death of Song Yang leads to the shackles of the drug trafficking group behind him. Chen Hai’s death leads to the struggle behind the rights, exposing the big BOSS Gao Yuliang to everyone’s eyes.

These two characters are the real experiences of frontline workers, mapping the madness of the dark side of the current society.

Positioning: Chen Yu - Justice

Lu can also - justice

Features: Chen Wei - weak and simple

Lu can also be strong and brave

The encounter between the two was extremely similar. Chen Yu’s ex-boyfriend Song Yang was killed by a drug dealer. Lu could also be a sweetheart Chen Hai was murdered by a corrupt official into a vegetative person, all because of emotional injuries and began to follow the path of finding the truth.

The difference is that the two people are set up. Chen Yu’s feeling is a little too simple. It does not involve the feeling of the world. After Song Yang’s death, his brother was arrested. He knew that the drug trafficking group had no choice but to go alone to find the Bao Xing. Even after seeing Yang Liu, I got a drug dealer clue. I still want to go to the drug dealer and let me understand her behavior very much. Do not know what is afraid of the thing, or the world is too beautiful, or the impulse to overcome the reason, press After the normal understanding gets clues, the first thing that comes to mind is to find help, instead of taking risks on your own.

Lu can also have a lot of people, impulsive, tempered, and rational. After Chen Hai’s car accident, his temper is violent. He often lets his colleagues work overtime to check the case. After Lu Yi’s arrival, he’s stunned with him. At the end of the mutual understanding, collaborative investigation, the transformation of the entire role is very smooth, no sense of guilt.

Positioning: Ma Yunbo - villain (guess)

Tong Tongwei - villain

Features: Ma Yunbo - with deep feelings

Tong Tongwei - arrogant

The experience of these two people is also very similar. Ma Yunbo once took the lead in the first-line work, cracked down on crime, and almost died. Yan Tongwei also fought bravely on the battlefield and was almost killed by drug dealers. They are all on a higher level. The post was slowly eroded.

Ma Yunbo was corroded because of his wife. His wife was shot to save him. He had to rely on drugs to suppress the pain. It is worthy of recognition that he is empathetic and not like the absolute bad guys in the traditional sense, but in the initial At the time, it may be better to disclose your wife’s situation and not be eroded.

Yan Tongwei was born in a small mountain village. His character is very contradictory. He is inferior and confident, arrogant and cautious, but his self-respect and self-motivation are strong. He can openly propose marriage in the university playground, which shows that he is very confident, but after he got married, he is very inferior to his wife. After the retirement of Laozhang, his self-respect is also awkward, which leads to disharmony between husband and wife, but once again condone their relatives and friends. Crimes and crimes are everywhere, and they are very arrogant. After learning that Chen Hai received the report materials, he sent someone to kill Chen Hai. He was very cautious. He knew that Chen Lao and Sha Ruijin’s relationship would not hesitate to drop their identity to remove grass and grow vegetables. strong.

In general, the role of Yan Tongwei is more plump, and Ma Yunbo is a bit simpler. The relationship between Tong Tongwei and Gao Xiaoqin also shows that this is not a simple bad person.

Positioning: Lin Yaodong - villain

Gao Xiaoqin - villain

Features: Lin Yaodong - insidious blackmail

Gao Xiaoqin - poor people must have hateful places

Lin Yaodong“s information is not detailed. Now he only knows that he is the boss of the “first drug-making village.“ Why is there any support behind him on this road? Is he a superficial spokesperson?

Gao Xiaoqin is also from Xiaoshan Village. It is similar to the origin of Qi Tongwei. The difference is that Gao Xiaoqin became a plaything object of the power after he came to the big city. It was an exchange of interests. It changed slowly after meeting Wei Tongwei, but she was only the authority of the power. The spokesperson slowly assimilated with the interests and forgot his identity.

Positioning: Cai Yongqiang - Justice (expectation)

Ji Changming - Justice

Features: Cai Yongqiang - old-fashioned

Ji Changming - old and earnest

What impressed me most about Cai Yongqiang is his words and his embarrassment. Every sentence is hidden and profound, but it is not clear. Both the pros and the cons can be understood. It depends on the speculation of the parties. How can you understand it? Is this right? The legendary “mandarin“.

Ji Changming gives the impression that he is a good old man. No one can sin. He only manages one acre of land, but he is very principled. Chen Hai’s failure to arrest Ding Yizhen is due to his reasons, but after Lu Yi was investigated, Can withstand the pressure to help him complete the trial work, and then coordinate the people to help Lu Yi to elute suspects, let us admire the old attorney general.

Positioning: Chen Guangrong - villain

Xiao Yugang - villain

Features: Chen Guangrong - sinister and poisonous

Xiao Yugang - Tao Qianran

As the first umbrella to jump out, Chen Guangrong has obviously become abandoning. Will he become a tainted witness? I feel that this character should have a big role in the back, it will not be very simple, and even what is the key. evidence.

Xiao Yugang’s impression of this character is “corruption”, but it is not a big greed. It is the feeling that love is small and cheap. His main job in the drama is to frame Lu Yi’s bribery and interrupt the investigation.

Xiao Yugang“s experience is very similar to that of Chen Guangrong. All of them are under the instigation of the group, which suppresses the male lord and hinders their handling of the case. The positioning is basically the same, and the difference is the details.

Positioning: Forest Water - Neutral (Preference)

Zheng Xipo - Neutral (Preference)

Features: Lin Shui - the home is broken

Zheng Xipo - kind and optimistic

These two characters are very similar, they are constantly providing new clues for handling cases, and they are inextricably linked with the center of the whirlpool, but Zheng Xipo’s experience seems to be more perfect, there is nothing bad, the biggest setback is the degree When the police station was detained, the experience of Linshui was more complicated. People were disgusted and unwilling to see. The son was killed and he was degraded from a people’s teacher to collecting waste. He was infected with drugs, and his experience was tragic.

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