Icebreaking action: Cai Yongqiang completely dismissed the suspect of the villain, and Ma Yunbo became the biggest suspect

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“Icebreaking Action“ has also been broadcast for so long, the network can be said to be rave reviews, Douban scores now hit a high score of 8.5. The expectation for this drama is also quite high, especially the Dakang secretary in the “People“s Name“ actually appeared in the drama as the deputy director, but also added a lot to the drama. Moreover, the early stage of the plot, the degree of brain burning is not low, interlocking, people are also very enjoyable.

As far as the general suspense drama is concerned, as a bystander, we can easily penetrate who is decent and villain, but in this drama, I believe that many people are difficult to control. The story that has been updated until now is slowly making some of the villain clues. The first is Cai Yongqiang, the captain of the anti-drug brigade. For him, from the very beginning, he has a lot of doubts about him, but the more he is behind, the more people can“t see through.

When accepting investigations and inquiries, it always gives people a feeling of being full of loopholes, but invisibly reminding me of something from time to time, perhaps only really smart people like Li Weimin can understand. ? Especially the phrase “everyone can be the truth“ is really too good and too good quality. It is estimated that Cai Yongqiang does not dare to believe in others, so he chooses to fight alone.

In the story of the evening of the 15th, Cai Yongqiang’s self-reported one is even more distressing, and people feel the deep sincerity. In view of the intentional release of Li Fei in the hospital, Cai Yongqiang should be considered a complete dispelling of the suspect. And the real villains will not be so obvious. After all, Cai Yongqiang’s coincidence on Li Fei’s affairs is still too much, and will the villains expose themselves so much? The answer is obviously not going to be.

For the inner ghosts in the public security system, in addition to Chen Guangrong, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, which has already surfaced early, Ma Yunbo has become the biggest suspect. So will Ma Yunbo become the second person to show his feet? Although in terms of the current plot, Ma Yunbo has always been a decent image, not only the apprentice of Li Weimin, but also the life and death of Li Fei, and even the work is very good, but Chen Guangrong is not A value of 3 million.

In the public security system in the drama, nowadays, apart from Li Weimin, only Ma Yunbo has a higher level of shots. After all, Li Weimin cannot be a villain. And there are also mentions in the drama, there are people behind the scenes have not allowed to move Li Fei, Xiaobian guess should be that Ma Yunbo always feel that he owes Li Fei a life. So even if I embarked on a different road, I am still grateful to Li Fei.

Although Li Weimin also said that the relationship between Ma Yunbo and drug dealers is irreconcilable, there is always doubt about Ma Yunbo“s Xiaobian. I still remember that one of the shots was that Ma Yunbo’s wife offered to divorce, and here, Ma Yunbo was silent! Why is Ma Yunbo silent about a woman who uses her own life to protect herself? This point, in Xiaobian“s view, also laid the groundwork for Ma Yunbo“s humanity.

Perhaps some people say that the mayor may be the ultimate umbrella, but from the contact between the mayor and Lin Yaodong, the relationship between the two is obviously not the same thing. However, it is not entirely true that the mayor has nothing to do with it. After all, it is not easy to confide in the anti-drug work of the public security system. The story behind is still very long, and there will be no bigger fish coming out of the water. This is hard to say. After all, the original “name of the people“ has a good evidence, what do you think?

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