Icebreaking action: Is this character relationship too complicated?

On May 7th, the anti-drug TV series starring Huang Jingyu, Wu Gang, Wang Jinsong, Ren Dahua, Li Mozhi, Zhang Yulin, Ma Yujie and others broadcasted.

The show has just aired four episodes, but has already played a large number of characters, netizens have expressed that they are dazzled.

Let me talk about the background of the story.

The “Icebreaking Action“ was based on the real events of the 2013 Guangdong police “Thunder Anti-Drug“ campaign (the following content is from CCTV“s “Focus Interview“ report).

At 4 o“clock on the morning of December 29, 2013, the Guangdong police gathered more than 3,000 police officers from the air force including the Air Force“s helicopters, the Navy“s speedboats, and the Army. They successfully “cleared“ the “biggest“ drug-related Boshe Village, Lufeng City, destroyed 18 large-scale drug trafficking criminal gangs headed by Lufeng’s drug lord Cai Dongjia. In total, 182 criminals were arrested and nearly 3 tons of ice poison, 260 kg of K powder, 23 Tons of toxic raw materials, 9 guns, 62 rounds of bullets.

Boshe Village: Located in the southeast of Jiaxi Town, Lufeng City, Guangdong Province, there are more than 1,700 households in the village. More than 20% of the households participate in drug trafficking activities directly or participate in the market. It is the “first largest drug village” in the country.

The heads of criminals are the Shanwei City of Guangdong Province, the representative of the People“s Congress of Lufeng City, and the Caidongjia of the Boshe Village Party.

He is not only the originator of the village to manufacture and sell drugs, but also red, white and black. He set up a clear whistle and a dark whistle in the village. He asked the black security guards to do everything possible to obstruct the police from handling the case, so that the police repeatedly arrested the drug dealers and failed.

Lin Yaodong (played by Wang Jinsong), who appeared in the first episode, is the director of the village committee of Tazhai Village, Fenglin Town, Dongshan City. Therefore, Xiaoqi reasonably guessed that Lin Yaodong was the villain of the villain with Cai Dongjia as the prototype.

In reality, among the leaders who have been caught together, there are also drug-trafficking “Caishan veterans” Cai Lianghuo, ice-making authority authority Cai Xuan, heavyweight drug lord Cai Zhaorong and others.

In the play, Tazhai Village also appeared in the Linzhai Village Deputy Committee Director Lin Yaohua, Linzhai Village Linshi Sanfang Fangtou, Tazhai Village Lin Tianyi, estimated to be the backbone of the case.

As for the brothers Lin Shengwu and Lin Shengwen of the villagers in Tazhai Village, it is estimated that they are the drug-making drug dealers.

Interestingly, there is also a Nanjing Village in the play, which is also a poisonous nest. What is even more interesting is that most of the people in this village are surnamed Cai.

In the second episode, Li Weimin’s drug dealers are called Cai Qirong, Cai Qichao, and Cai Weiping, but they are all cannon fodder.

The wife of Lin Shengwu in Tazhai Village is also named Cai, which is probably a foreshadowing.

The interesting part of this play is that the audience can“t tell who is a good person and who is a bad person.

Zhao Jialiang (played by Ren Dahua), who looks most like a villain, is likely to be undercover by the police.

It should be a decent policeman, and there must be black police.

But who is the black police?

Still a mystery.

According to the normal routine, Li Fei (played by Huang Jingyu), who has the protagonist“s aura, cannot be a black policeman.

Song Yang, who has already been killed, cannot be a black policeman.

The top public officials of the Ministry of Public Security are even more unlikely to be black police.

For example, Vice Minister Hao of the Ministry of Public Security (Gao Ming guest).

Su Jianguo, director of the Anti-Drug Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

Wang Zhixiong, the director of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, has just taken office and is unlikely to be a black police officer.

And Cui Zhenjiang, director of the Anti-drug Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, and Li Weimin (played by Wu Gang), deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, will there be a black police?

One percent of the possibilities.

Zhao Xuechao, deputy director of the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau, because the story is mainly in Dongshan, so he is less likely to be a black police.

Luo Xu, director of the Public Security Bureau of Dongshan City: He doesn“t seem to care much, but who knows if he is keeping a low profile, secretly reveals the news to drug dealers, and makes a big profit to retire.

Ma Yunbo, deputy director of the Dongshan Municipal Public Security Bureau: Although Li Fei saved his life, it is not uncommon for the police who have corrupted the money and the police who have a sense of justice to be the routine of life and death.

Cai Yongqiang, Captain of the Anti-drug Brigade of Dongshan City Public Security Bureau:

Although the show has not yet indicated that he is from Nanjing Village, the first episode of Song Yang called Li Fei in the car, saying that there are people from Nanjing Village in the anti-drug brigade.

As soon as the lens turned, Li Fei looked back in the direction of Cai Yongqiang.

At present, Li Fei believes that Cai Yongqiang is a black police officer. However, this is likely to be a smoke bomb arranged by the writer.

Chen Zili, deputy head of the anti-drug brigade of Dongshan City Public Security Bureau: Why did he call Li Fei, did he deliberately transfer, so that Li Fei did not trust Cai Yongqiang?

Chen Guangrong, Captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Dongshan Municipal Public Security Bureau:

Because he is a criminal investigation, according to the truth, his suspicion should be relatively small, but the problem is that he has a subordinate, is currently the most likely to be a black police.

Cai Jun, police officer of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Dongshan City Public Security Bureau:

First of all: his surname is Cai, very likely to be a person in Nanjing Village.

Second: He is the son-in-law of Tarzhai Village.

Hey, this relationship is too complicated?

Third: Song Yang and he were in the process of drinking, revealing that Lin Shengwen had provided some police officers and men in the police station. (Although Xiaoqi felt that Song Yang was too stupid, he knew that Cai Jun had a very close relationship with Tazhai Village. The important secret tells him).

It didn“t take long for Song Yang and Li Fei to be set up. Song Yang died and Li Fei was also framed.

But in case, Cai Jun is also a smoke bomb that the writer deliberately fools the audience?

Who knows?

Anyway, at present, it seems that everyone may be a black police, and everyone may be reversed not a black police.

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Guess what, who is most likely to be a black police?