Advance "official announcement"! AFC: The Asian Cup will return to China in 2023, looking forward to the most successful in history

AFC official news, at 16:00 Beijing time on the 4th, the AFC will officially announce the host country of the 2023 Asian Cup. There is only one bidding country left, and that is China, so there is actually no suspense. Therefore, the AFC has been “declared“ in advance.

The AFC has officially announced that China will host the Asian Cup: “The AFC Special Congress will announce the host of the 18th Asian Cup on Tuesday. All eyes will now be gathered in China because China still It is the only candidate for this Asian Cup. I look forward to China“s success in hosting the most successful Asian Cup.“

The Asian Cup is the world“s oldest intercontinental national team competition except the America“s Cup, which was founded four years earlier than the first European Cup. In the recent Asian Cup 2019 UAE Asian Cup, Qatar defeated Japan for the first time to win the Asian Cup, the new king to the throne! The Chinese team entered the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup. After the end of the Asian Cup, the fact that the ownership of the Asian Cup in 2023 became the focus of the outside world. Only China and South Korea were still bidding.

However, with South Korea’s announcement of abandoning the bid, it means that Zheng Mengkui’s dream of running a “cheap Asian Cup” is shattered, and China is the only bidder. At the same time as China’s bid, as the Asian Cup expanded to 24 teams, as many as 12 cities are interested in hosting the competition. In other words, tomorrow“s AFC will officially announce that China has hosted the Asian Cup again since 2004.

In the 2004 Asian Cup, China won the runner-up in 1-3 Japan in the finals. It was a successful Asian Cup. Therefore, for the AFC, it will be very reassuring to give the right to host China. Therefore, the AFC expects that China can hold the most successful Asian Cup in history. The AFC Congress will be held in Paris on June 4, 2019 at 10:00 am (local time).