The current monthly salary is less than 6,000? normal! The value that has not been proven can not bring value!

Recently, online rumors of 2019 graduates expect a monthly salary of 6000-7999 yuan. However, judging from the actual contract signing situation, the monthly salary of 70% of the 2019 graduates is less than 6,000 yuan, of which 4,000 yuan or less accounted for 35.77%. Compared with the past, the salary situation in 2019 has not been improved, but it is still far below the expectations of the graduates before work.

People understand the truth that the salary of a person depends on the value he can create. For recent graduates, because there is no work experience, the potential has not yet been tapped. Whether it is possible to create value and how much value can be created is unknown.

For the corresponding graduates, his salary level cannot be too high at first, but as long as he shows his ability, the salary level will surely increase.

A capable person does not have to care too much about his starting point. Where a truly capable person can show his or her abilities and earn high income by his own ability. But not everyone has this ability. For ordinary people, if you want to get a high-paying position, you can only start from the following aspects.

No matter how hard it is to find a job, as long as you work hard, you can always find it. For those who want to earn high income, the system is not a good choice, at best only as a transition. Although many people have a lot of speculation about the work within the system, in fact, the work within the system is stable, and the income is not high. The gray income that everyone imagines, except for some corrupt elements, is normal. If you want to get a high income, you can“t hear the story. In addition to your own understanding, you must find a career that suits your development. Generally speaking, it is a good choice to enter state-owned enterprises, banks and other departments. The income is relatively high and there is a relatively promising future. If you have confidence in your own abilities, you will have more room to develop private businesses, and you can start your own business better, but the risks are also great.

People who have just graduated have no practical experience and generally cannot create too much value. Only by constantly improving their abilities in their work, learning the strengths of others, allowing them to create greater value, can they obtain higher pay accordingly. . Moreover, as long as they have the ability to create value, even if they can“t get a higher salary in the existing position, at least they have the confidence to choose other positions. If you find a good job and eat and die, you will only be eliminated.

Many people have the ability, but they have no chance to show it, and they have no desire to show. If you want to get a high salary, you must let others see your value. You can“t always wait for “Bole“ to find yourself in this “Like Horse“ and let others see your golden glow through the thick mud layer. To show your abilities, others will find you and give you a better chance.