Wang Xiaochuan responded to Sun Yuchen: Everyone has his own definition of success or liar.

Recently, the latest Buffett Charity Lunch Auction attracted a lot of attention, because this year a bidder took a chance to have lunch with Buffett for $4.558 million (about RMB 31.54 million). On June 3, Sun Yuchen, the founder of the currency circle, announced that he was the winner of the auction.

For Sun Yuchen, perhaps everyone is no stranger. I remember that when the user returned the deposit in the last year, he once publicly yelled to the founder of theo, Dai Wei, that he could help solve the deposit of 10,000 users, if the old user of theo is 99 yuan. The deposit is calculated, the money is 990,000, if you count the new user“s 199 yuan, the money is 1.99 million yuan. At that time, Sun Yuchen also said, “There is a glass of water, pure personal help.“

It seems to be a very derogatory entrepreneur.

However, some media once questioned him from “cutting the leek“ from the currency circle, then ran to the United States and gave him the title of “the currency circle Jia Yueting“.

Whether these things are true or not, let“s put it aside. One of the main things happening today is that Sun Yuchen’s exposure to a Buffett lunch auction winner is a screenshot of a friend’s circle that he sent in the New Year’s year. This circle of friends says:

The CEO came to believe that Jun also knows that Sun Yuchen and Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan still have such a grudge. Wang Xiaochuan is a graduate of the computer science department of Tsinghua University. He not only learns well, but also has a very logical thinking. CEO Xinxinjun once saw the interview dialogue between Wang Xiaochuan and Xu Zhiyuan, and he was very brain-burning.

Wang Xiaochuan questioned Sun Yuchen as a liar in 2014. Obviously, he did not agree with Sun Yuchen’s logic.

Sun Yuchen said in the words of the New Year that his company surpassed the market value of Sogou in less than three years. It is also obvious that Sun Yuchen sees the company“s market value beyond Sogou as a certain achievement.

However, this afternoon, Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan also responded to a paragraph, saying:

In this passage, we can clearly perceive Wang Xiaochuan“s definition of success. I don“t know if Sun Yuchen of the wave field agrees.

In a group where the CEO came to Xinjun, a friend who made an investment commented on this matter:

Think about this sentence carefully, it is really sharp.