Gao Laate’s friend revealed that Gao Lat has received an invitation to become naturalized in China, and the formalities are about to begin.

Naturalized players may be able to help the national football team to enter the World Cup. Under the premise of limited national football strength, naturalized players are a good choice. Li Ke has now officially become a national football naturalization player, and other players in naturalization are no longer far away. Recently, news about the naturalization of Gao Lat has continued. The media revealed that Guangzhou Evergrande provided Gao Laite with a five-year contract, which was related to naturalization. In addition, Gao Laite’s friends confirmed the matter.

According to the well-known media Brazil Yahoo Sports, Gao Laate’s friends said that Gao Laat received an invitation to China’s naturalization, and that Gao Laat’s naturalization in China will officially begin in the next few weeks. Once Gao Lat gets Chinese nationality, Gao Laat can play the Super League in Guangzhou as the domestic aid. As for the World Cup, it is necessary to pass the relevant procedures of FIFA.

It may take a long time to pass the relevant procedures of FIFA, but this does allow domestic fans to see the hope of the national football team to advance to the World Cup. As long as the national football team is equipped with three to four players, the strength of the national football will be greatly improved, and the possibility of the national football qualifying for the World Cup will be greatly improved. Since the National Football Association naturalizes Gao Laite, other foreign aids also have the possibility of naturalization. It is impossible for the national football team to only naturalize one foreign aid.