Reyes died in a car accident, these contents are worthy of attention!

On the evening of June 1, Beijing time, 35-year-old former Arsenal and Sevilla winger Jose Antonio Reyes died in a car accident. The report in Spain stated that the accident occurred at 11:40 am local time in Seville and that “his car drove off the road and caught fire.“ Seville later confirmed that the former Spanish international cousin Jonathan Reyes and Manuel Calderon were also killed in a car accident.

Reyes left the Spanish club in 2016. He also played for Arsenal from 2004 to 2007, scoring 23 goals in all the Gunners“ matches and winning the Premier League and FA Cup. Last year, he joined the Spanish team Estrema Madura in January this year after his short-term effectiveness in China.

The Spanish Football Federation has confirmed that seven games will be postponed on Sunday until next Tuesday, including Extremadura’s away game in Cadiz, which has now been postponed as a respectful act. UEFA also announced that it will be in silence for Reyes before the Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur team“s Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid. (Author: Scouting Vision)

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In the early morning of June 2nd, Beijing time, the Champions League finals staged a tearful scene. After the game, Liverpool player Moreno gave the Champions League champion to former teammate Reyes who died in a car accident before the game. He wore a special T-shirt from Reyes. Kissed the photo of Reyes. Before the game, the silent ceremony, more than 60,000 fans cherished together, Moreno also shed tears.

On Saturday morning in Spain, Reyes returned from Seville to the A-376 highway in Utrera. According to the investigation of the first time of the accident, the speed of the Mercedes-Benz S550 driven by Reyes exceeded 200km / h, after the collision of the guardrail naturally caused the vehicle to be burned.

Before the Champions League final, Liverpool and the Spurs players sighed for a minute in the Spanish star Reyes. Llorente looked serious and Moreno’s eyes were filled with tears, and the picture was moving.

In his career, Reyes played for half a year in the Xinjiang team. (Author: Sports Grilled off)

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The entire world of football is shocked by the news of the death of former Arsenal striker Reyes. On Saturday afternoon, the Sevilla club announced the news. Reyes died in a car accident, only 35 years old. The Spanish club wrote on its Twitter: “We can no longer provide even worse news for the author. Our beloved player Reyes was killed in a car accident. May the deceased rest in peace.“

The last club that Reyes played was Estrema Madura of the Western League, and many people around him gave condolences and condolences to his death. Former teammates Pires and Henry, as well as Chelsea, Barcelona and Manchester United, have expressed their condolences on Twitter.

The amazing performance on the court and the capture of five Europa League trophies, Reyes“ achievements are worth remembering. (Author: King stitch ball)

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