Director of "Icebreak Action" apologized! After the finale, he sent a long article saying this...

On the evening of May 30th, the recently launched anti-drug drama “The Icebreaker“ ushered in the finale. Liangmin CP, Donghui combination... The unclear drama of the drama group, dedicated to one after another wonderful showdown, can be called the high-light moment of the domestic criminal investigation.

However, as the black police and undercover identities are clear at a glance, the brain stimulates the plot less and less, and the various plots and logical loopholes of the play itself are dug up by the audience. There were more and more dissatisfied voices, and the peak reached the peak, which directly led to the fall of the Douban score to 7.4.

There are 46 episodes in the 1st and 48th episodes to pave the way for the village, but the police village only uses one episode, it is easy, all the illegal people seem to be so simple and easy, the gun battle, ambush, the villagers fight ... all understated and vulnerable. These people have to be so easy to subdue, why should they send so many people?

2. Even with the guidance of Lin Bo, it is too easy for Li Fei to enter the village. It is so close to the patrolling villagers, and the villagers can’t hear the big shoes.

3. It is too easy for Ma Yunbo to enter the village at night. I have escaped the monitoring of the public security. Suddenly saying hello to the village, is Lin Yaodong not skeptical? Just say that the mind is upset, then the expression of the horse, the look, he dare to easily get on the car?

4. Although the horse office is a policeman, is it too easy to catch Lin Yaodong? Lin Yaodong struggled like a little girl, and he was too fast.

5, finally let a disciplinary police seize the biggest drug lord, is it too bloody, this is really surprising, the accident is compiled too fake.

6, Lin Can suddenly smashed, even Ma Zi knows to run, but at this time as the head of Ma Zi, he has no hesitation waiting for the police to catch?

Perhaps it is expected that the “end“, “Break Action“ director Fu Dongyu issued a long microblogging “Farewell after the 喧嚣“, answered the audience“s doubts, and sincerely apologize for the logic loopholes, “I should be able to shoot and later I will resolve all these doubts, but I have not done it, sorry.“

The prototype of “Ice-breaking Action“ is the “Thunder-sweeping“ action jointly launched by the Guangdong police, sea, land and air. It cleans up China“s No. 1 drug-making village and is known as the iconic battle in the history of Chinese anti-drug.

Lufeng is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shanwei City, Guangdong Province. Since the end of the last century, Lufeng has produced a large number of drug-trafficking drugs. By the end of 2013, the ice-based drug produced by Lufeng has reached 40% of the ice-stained share in the country.

Boshe Village is the most typical drug-making village in Lufeng. In the village of 14,000 people, nearly 20% of the villagers make drug trafficking. After a long period of preparation, in the early morning of December 29, 2013, the Guangdong police dispatched more than 3,000 police officers to carry out the clearing operation for Boshe Village, which is known as the “drug village”. On the same day, nearly 3 tons of ice poison was seized, and the headed by Cai Dongjia was arrested. More than 180 suspected drug-related criminals.

▲ Unveil the mystery of the prototype of the “Ice-breaking Action” Tazhai Village – Boshe Village (Video Source: Beijing Satellite TV Archive)

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