The finale of "Icebreaking Action" was squandered, and the director apologized. What do you think?

Lead: Good-looking movies, constantly exciting. Hello everyone, welcome to my hundred homes. What I bring to you today is the film “The Action of Icebreaking“. I think friends who like icebreakers already know that yesterday is its finale. Originally, the opening of this film is a wonderful and compact story. Coupled with some old bones and supporting actors, all of them are acting, and many viewers must follow the drama every night.

However, with the progress of the following plots at a glance, what black police and undercover identities are exposed, and the brain-stimulated plots are becoming less and less, which has led more and more netizens to start fierce voicing on the Internet, and the Douban score is even more. It was down from 8.4 points to 7.5 points!

Just yesterday, our director issued a apology, saying that the finale should resolve all doubts, and I am sorry that I have not brought you a better experience! However, Xiao Bian feels: This is originally a conscience work that exposes the dangers of drugs and the anti-drug people“s war. All the efforts in it require everyone to understand.

Instead of spitting it: Why did Liang Shu die? Why did Lin Yaohui go offline after he turned against water? And why did Ma Wen, who was originally a kung fu, die at the last minute? And as the two-person group “Li Fei and Chen Yu“ in the “Breakfast Three Silly“, you can go freely in the rigorous Tarza Village without any major harm. This is inevitably too strong for the protagonist! Wait for some details to deal with the problem.

There are indeed many shortcomings in this film, but it is not just a simple commercial film, the humanity flowing in the drama - complex, moving and wonderful. It is intuitive to let the audience feel empathy and feel the difficulty of vicious police. Although the film is high and low, the finale is to make the vast majority of the audience unexpected, but what it wants to present to us has already been expressed: it is a tribute to the vast anti-drug police, and it is once again let everyone realize The harm of drugs to everyone. The time you think is quiet, but someone is carrying it for you.

However, all of the above are personal views of Xiaobian. They all say that there are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people. These things cannot be generalized. Then, my friend, for the finale of “The Breaking Ice Action“ was squandered, the director apologized, how do you think? Leave your opinion. If you like this article, then please pay attention to the small series, next time will bring you more interesting and exciting content.