Malone is proud of the crowd and laughs at the sky. Zhang Benzhi and dissatisfaction will come to fight.

Zhang Benzhi and the screaming of defeating Guoping have already made a thick layer of scorpions on the ears, but Zhang Benzhi and the dream of the champion have gradually drifted away. China Open Zhang Benzhi and Zhang Qike defeated 4-0; Lin Gaoyuan then beat 8-0, 4-1 played dumb Zhang Zhizhi and Japanese media.

However, Zhang Benzhi and I have always been my own way and continue to be arrogant. Zhang Benzhi and the end of the China Open return to Japan said: In the first round of the men“s singles 4-0 victory over the London Olympics champion Zhang Jike made his self-confidence multiply, on the 6th opened in the Japan Open, determined to defeat Malone and other Chinese players.

Malone led Zhang Jike, Yu Ziyang, Zhou Yu, Liang Jingkun, Liu Dingshuo and Zhou Wei to participate in the Japan Open. Guo Ping men“s team Liang Jingkun cried Zhang Benzhi and. It was also the 2017 Japan Table Tennis Open. The prodigy Zhang Benzhihe, who was highly hoped by Japan before the game, was defeated by Chinese athlete Liang Jingkun in 1 to 4 and failed to qualify for the race. The trip to the Japan Open became a day trip. Zhang Benzhi, who was confident in the top 8 of the World Table Tennis Championships, burst into tears after being attacked by Liang Jingkun.

In this campaign, Zhang Jike is eager for revenge, and Liang Jingkun is in excellent condition. Yu Ziyang, Zhou Yu, Liu Dingshuo, Zhou Wei, and the Japanese ping-pong do not need to be mobilized. This time, the men’s singles No. 2 seed Malone is not a vegetarian. Zhang Benzhi and Ma Rong only had one contest. At the 2015 Polish Open, Zhang Benzhi, who was 12 years and 3 months old, and the qualifiers defeated Tan Ruiwu, who was ranked 72nd in the world at 4-3, and set the record for the youngest player in the tournament. In the first round of the men“s singles match, Malone swept Zhang Benzhi 4-0.

Malone is too great teacher-level to recruit and recruit, no tricks to win like a big mountain across the street Zhang Benzhi and in front, Zhang Benzhi and want to climb over the Malone this seemingly impossible to climb the mountain. It is by no means a full-fledged impulse, or it can be done by moving the mouth. Zhang Benzhi and Hao Yan: “If you can meet Malone, I hope to beat him. Of course, the result of the game is more important. If you want to win the championship, you have to defeat all opponents.“ The dream of tying the world table tennis is that it has passed the mouth. .