What do foreign Huawei employees think about Huawei? I can’t get my mouth shut, it’s the words of the lungs!

Huawei is a multinational company. Naturally, there will be many foreign employees. Do you want to know what they want to say to Huawei as a foreign employee? Listen to the words of this Huawei employee!

I was very fortunate to have worked in Huawei in different capacities (the low-end part of the telecom market that Huawei has completely monopolized, and directly kicked all European companies out of the door, no way). During the time when I was working at Huawei, I remember that there were nearly one hundred non-Chinese employees there. In my opinion, they must hate this Chinese company very much. As a multinational company, Huawei still has not learned globalism. It seems to be a thoroughly Chinese company.

Although Huawei“s revenue and profits are very impressive, it still makes me feel uncomfortable. For example, due to the poor sales of Huawei“s p10 smartphones in my region, due to pressure from the upper level, Huawei will be from 33 different departments. Foreign employees are directly driven out of the company, and the scale is very large.

Later, the company“s management revealed that they were actually using very low-quality chipsets. The supply of these chipsets in the market was very low, but despite this, they still believe that they are competing with the iPhone, which is very ridiculous. Here“s how their CEO talks with Huawei employees: “A man in his thirties doesn“t work hard and just wants to count money in bed. Is this possible? Huawei will not pay for those who don“t work hard. “

Huawei, I am very disappointed. Among all the 33 laid-off employees, most Chinese managers protect their Chinese employees. The Indian staff in the entire department are dismissed by Huawei. They are not Politely informed: They were fired for cost reductions at the Indian GTAC Center. Some Huawei employees were dismissed through “text messages“ in South Africa.

All in all, Huawei has brought a very, very bad image of China to foreigners. They began to believe that most Chinese are as immoral and corrupt as Huawei“s Chinese workers. Huawei is a very bad Chinese brand ambassador.

Regardless of the cause, the result or the result, the content is very detailed and reliable. The cloud believes that this should be a real case. What do the friends think he is saying? Is his statement to Huawei correct? Say your opinion in the comments below.