Have been using the hundred home number, then how to view the number of the hundred home ID, Baijia number ID view method!

Today, when adding an associated account, you need a hundred id number, this is a number. Under normal circumstances, we rarely pay attention to it, tell us how to operate today!

Now I have been using the Baijia number to write an article. If I don“t know it, I can“t say it. I will operate it again and everyone can learn.

First of all, open your own hundred home number, enter the main interface of the hundred home number, after entering, the mouse is placed in the upper right corner of its own interface.

In the upper right corner, you can see that there is a menu, and we need to click the button to set this button.

After clicking the set of Baijia number, you can see that there is a link at the top of the browser. This link has an id= followed by its own id. After copying, you can tell others.

Because when you use copyright, you also have to look at the homepage of Baijiahao. The homepage of Baijiahao needs to be operated on the mobile phone and download a client of Baijiahao.

On the client of Baijia, open your homepage. In the homepage, click on your account name and you will be there.

After clicking on it, you can see that you have entered the personal homepage. In the upper right corner of the homepage, there is a share button, and you can copy the homepage by clicking Open.

Generally, the id and the homepage of the Hundreds of Houses are used when applying for other numbers. Therefore, if you don’t learn, you must take the time to learn this.

Currently, the id is unique, so we see that when using other numbers to write articles, some are related and should be used. In other places, the use may not be particularly large.