Liu Qiangdong’s video exposure is completely different from that of the woman’s original news.

After watching Liu Qiangdong’s party drinking video that night, and leaving, the woman took the initiative to step forward and open the door, not like a drunken look, not to mention the dinner scene, Liu Qiangdong did not have the woman Sitting together, from beginning to end, did not take the initiative to marry the woman.

Therefore, when the media broke the news, the woman was forced to get drunk, and then took the car, and finally, in the apartment against more than four hours, it is a fake! From the current video point of view, this is completely automatic to find the door, automatically make intimate actions, and strongly expressed the dedication of the team to send the hug. In the end, because the lion has a big opening, the price has not been discussed, and he will go out, regardless of whether or not he will not slap on the street!

From Liu Qiangdong“s entry into the woman“s apartment, the woman has been very active in front of the arm, and actively directed the direction, completely without drunkenness after being filled, the whole process is very clear! What“s more, from the first video of the broke, the two did not sit together when they were eating, but there were two people in the middle, and there was no alcoholism. This whole news video is completely different from the content that the woman broke into the media at the beginning, exactly the opposite! This is clearly for the sake of blackmail, deliberately set to Liu Qiangdong, then come to a fairy jump, extort a stroke. What rebelled for more than four hours was finally forced into the body by Liu Qiangdong, what was constantly resisting drinking and being irrigated, what forced Liu Qiangdong to drink... This is totally different!

In the video, there was no plot to be drunk, and the two did not sit together at all. Liu Qiangdong did not take the initiative to talk to her. After going out, she also opened the door, and Liu Qiangdong left alone. In the end, Liu Jingyi chased the past and took the initiative.

From the video that entered the apartment, Liu Jingyi was very awake throughout the whole process. He was very enthusiastic and guided, and he did not have the full resistance and the drunken look. Look at the apartment again, just like a maze, sober people are still not easy to find, how can Liu Jing get drunk when he is drunk? Then the big space, it is hard to take the initiative to go to Liu Qiangdong, just at the moment of entering the house, it is also a hand-in-hand and intimate initiative.

Therefore, this video exposure is completely resistant to the whole process of the past, and what is more than four hours of resistance, what is being filled with wine, completely different! In the past, the Western media either deliberately and Liu Jingyi deliberately blackened Liu Qiangdong, or was indiscriminately misleading the public. However, this misleading has dealt a great blow to Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong! There should be a behind-the-scenes black hand behind this, who is it?