The takeaway brother is hit by a claim, should he cry, and try to escape responsibility

When the small takeaway brother Xiao Zheng of Ningbo took a meal, she knocked down a woman and the woman had multiple bruises on her forehead and knee. She claimed from Xiao Zheng. Because he couldn’t get 300 yuan, Xiao Zheng was crying on the street. He said that he had just come here to work. He only earned 30 yuan for a day without eating. The police and the onlookers all saw each other and helped Xiao Zheng to get together 300 yuan.

In terms of ethics, Xiao Zheng, a small takeaway brother, should be compensated. Now he has no ability to compensate the woman who was injured. But in any case, she must find a way to compensate her. For example, to borrow from relatives and friends, there is no way to Ms. yawns. Life is not easy, every family has a difficult experience, even if you are in distress, don“t forget to be responsible for your actions.

A person living in the present society, has experienced helplessness and sadness, the take-away brother can not help but cry in the face of life, but all kinds of tastes, are all life. Also, don“t forget to be responsible for yourself and others. If you knock down people, you must be responsible for others. It is also appropriate for people to ask for 300 yuan. You should not escape responsibility because you are in distress. This society is always realistic and cruel, without eternal happiness and pain.

If a person commits a mistake, he should be brave enough to bear it. Even if he is penniless, he is responsible for his actions. No one is sorry, no one has nothing to do with their own car collision. People are living to find the sunshine and beauty reflected in their lives, instead of looking for sin. Maybe the woman is going to work, but after being knocked down by the takeaway brother, the salary of one day he was injured is gone, isn’t it very bad?

The pain in life is very helpless. Life is a train to the grave. There are many stations on the road. Everyone encounters different things and things. You may live in a dark day, you. It is helpless and irritating to this kind of life, but don“t forget the facts of life. Others may also encounter such a situation with you. No one can change this fact, so in this case, the takeaway brother should not Therefore, evading responsibility, but propping up this responsibility, find a way to solve this problem.

We will always taste the ups and downs in our lives. No one will live without it. Even if there are a few, how many people will use their weak shoulders to pick up their responsibilities even if they are in difficulty. People are not crying to face. Life, but tough to deal with the helplessness and sadness of life, so that they become tough and unyielding, bravely face the life.

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