I apologize to the official of the Baijia, apologize to the readers, do not forget the original intention, always have to

Recently, my hundred credits have been deducted continuously. So far, only 30 points have been left. According to the official regulations of the 100-number, the account will be closed at zero, which is very dangerous!

When his credit score is deducted, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the official review mechanism is wrong, not looking for its own reasons. This is wrong. I should check more on my own reasons, the content of the article, the title of the article, the map of the article, etc., to see if there is a problem in that aspect.

Recalling the article that I was deducted from the credit score, the content of the article touched the illegal red line such as “pretending the old news as news release”, “content timeliness expired”, “the title has typo/punctuation, etc.”, and I was quick to make a contribution when writing. One-sided pursuit of the reading of the article, for the immediate benefit, regardless of the timeliness of the content, to give the reader some old things, and even the title error, I am really sorry readers, sorry for the hundred official number!

I would like to extend my heartfelt apology to the readers and to the official of Baijiahao!

As the saying goes, don“t forget the original intention, you have to always. Recalling that at the beginning, I registered the Baijia number with confidence. I hope that I can grow up in the 100 family, share my knowledge with readers, show my talents, and spread positive energy. Today, the articles published are not rushing forward, spreading. The idea of ​​knowledge, but to make up the article, hot spots, completely forget the original idea. Deducting the credits from the 100-counter number is not only a warning to me, but also responsible and responsible for me. In addition to apologizing, I should be grateful.

In the days to come, I must learn the lesson and write more original and high-quality content to the readers, and I hope that the readers will supervise them.

Finally, I still have to keep in mind that the phrase “do not forget the original intention, always have to.“