After Durex, the strawberry music festival organizer, the modern sky, was also planted. What happened to this copy?

At the beginning of this year, many companies have been overturned because of copywriting. After Durex, the strawberry music festival organizer “Modern Sky“ was also planted.

On April 23, Modern Sky issued an apology on Weibo on the relevant copy. “I am sorry that P was an inappropriate map last night. This is a wrong creative orientation. Our ridicule has caused misunderstandings. I am very sorry. Will be careful and careful!“

It is reported that Modern Sky used quite vulgar pictures and essays when promoting the Strawberry Music Festival, and its content was bombarded by netizens. (Content as shown below)

In the past few years, the publicity of the corporate propaganda party in the media platform has been commonplace in recent years.

Low cost and great communication are the great advantages of this propaganda method. However, the difficulty is that the concept of copywriting will become quite difficult, and humor and vulgarity are often only one line apart. Moreover, this year, interesting souls are rare.

Durex’s propaganda copy was originally a leader. After changing the agent, it’s really a “living” drop in a grade. It seems that this is really not for everyone.

However, one can“t help but ask why such a bad propaganda copy can be checked through the internal layers of the enterprise.

First of all, large-scale enterprises have a lot of activities every year, and many publicity work will be outsourced to public relations companies. Some people inside the company will dock. The procedures in the content distribution process are not as complex as imagined, and often the heads of business leaders are only informed after the incident occurs.

The reason for the frequent occurrence of low-profile texts is that the cost of violations is low. After the publication of a bad copy, the punishment for the relevant enterprises is almost zero. As long as you do not blame, do not insult the country, usually apologize on Weibo to declare things. As for the damage to corporate culture, it is actually a small problem. After a while, it is naturally calm.

Take the copy of the “A duck neck insulting women“ in the past, the content of its propaganda copy has been involved in pornography for many times, causing social consensus. According to the website poll, 75% of netizens said that they no longer buy the brand duck neck. More than a year has passed, although the relevant companies have converged, but it seems that it has not been affected by the events of the year.

Compared to it, we are for D

What we have to say here is that we must first respect ourselves before we can win the respect of others. Behind the vulgar writings of related companies, on the one hand, they are not serious enough about Chinese culture, they are maliciously ridiculous, and they play with word games. On the other hand, they deeply believe that if they hit the wall, they will not cause much consequences. So relax the internal supervision, let the vulgar content release.

Whether foreign companies or Chinese companies are worth mentioning, the reasons for their bad publicity are in fact no different.

However, I think that the behavior of Chinese companies is often more unacceptable. They are also advised that if they have to come to such a hand, they will not take the porcelain work without the diamonds. When they play, they will be attracted by their own signs. The same is true of our own jokes, so that those foreign companies that were boycotted in the past will be embarrassed.