Betta fish "God Hao", one day full level The next day was sealed, what happened?

With the development of new media, a series of live broadcast platforms have appeared on the market. After years of competition, fighting fish, tiger teeth, and pandas are in the top three. After the live platform has created countless myths of riches, various banned accounts have appeared for various reasons, such as “five-five open” and “MC Tianyou”. “Chen Yifa children“ and other well-known anchors.

But this time it was not the anchor, but a “God of the Gods“. The customer was God, and the Gods and Clients were God of God. Then why should the fighting fish ban such a god?

Two days ago, the fighting fish came to the new “local tyrant“ with the ID [HAC boring brother], to what extent is this “boring brother“ local tyrant? In one day, I completed a dream that many netizens could not reach: Firstly, the emperor (120,000 RMB/month) was directly opened, and then a zero-level fighting fish account was swiped to the full level, and the well-known “small anchor” Xu Xu baby PDD and Mai, it is just the peak of life in the live broadcast!

However, the next day, the betta announcement, the Tuhao brother was returned to the prototype, it turned out that this is a cyber hacker, using the Buffalo BUG to brush money. Fighting fish not only canceled the gift of “boring brother”, but also said that it had reported the case to Wuhan police and pursued its legal responsibility!

As soon as the announcement came out, the network was like a frying pan. Before the “boring brother“ promised the host of the small anchor Xu Xu baby “10w“ and a Bugatti, it is no longer a play. Xu Xu baby just wasted his feelings and lost time, and some of the small anchors were much worse. It is said that “boring brother” brushed the gifts for the small anchor and let them return some of them. Now the gift is gone, but instead Lost!

There was a hacker who had captured the Ali system for 3 minutes. Ma Yun personally used the 500w annual salary to recruit, and now he has become the patron saint of “Double Eleven“. There is no difference between good and evil technology, just how to use it!