Betta fish new god Hao boring brother through the loopholes to get a lot of shark fin, is now exposed by the platform is a liar!

In the recent period, a new “local tyrant“ appeared on the Betta live broadcast platform to smash gifts in the live broadcasts of the major anchors. It also made all the anchors marvel at their local tyrants, and they all turned into dogs and talked with them. However, he was swindled by the user of the account and asked to transfer money. Among them, DNF Yige Xuxu baby lost more than 100,000 yuan.

Many anchors think that their gifts are so generous, they choose to believe this person, they all lend money to him, according to well-known bloggers in the afternoon, slumbering that the account is also called HAC boring brother, is through the loopholes of the big client Means to get shark fins. In other words, he can get a lot of shark fins without having to pay for it, so he can enjoy it and it is very wide. Many anchors saw that they were very savvy, and they believed that he asked for money transfer and other activities, and they borrowed money to transfer them to him.

For this, Betta specifically issued an announcement to let the anchors not believe in this account. This announcement also made all the deceived anchors chilling in an instant. This is itself caused by the loopholes in the fighting fish. Presumably, the gift brushed by the account will be voided. This is a great loss for the anchor. And according to friends broke the news, this person is still hot with RNG, PDD, etc., and DNF a brother Xu Xu baby also spent more than ten thousand to buy him a brother and a piece of equipment, this wave is also let Xu Xu baby Big loss!

These two days thought that there was a new local user in the fighting fish. I didn’t expect a liar in the end. This made the anchors who are jealous of him feel embarrassed. Perhaps this is to verify the phrase “Dog the dog has nothing to do!“ What do you think? Welcome everyone to leave a message!