Kechuang board is not enough 500,000 "strong account opening"? Supervision: no way! Strictly check the source of funds

Since the emergence of the science and technology board, many small partners have been eager to try.

On March 1, 2019, the Shanghai Stock Exchange officially issued the “Special Provisions on the Stock Exchange of Stocks in the Shanghai Stock Exchange“, which determined that individual investors need to comply with the asset accounts in the securities account and the fund account in order to participate in the stock trading of the science and technology board. They are not less than RMB 500,000 and have two years of experience in securities trading. Note that the investment threshold of 500,000 does not include funds and securities that investors have integrated through margin financing.

To put it simply, it is 500,000 years of experience in securities trading.

So many people want to try to participate, but what if they don“t have enough money?

A fund-raising company that has long “smelled business opportunities” has advertised through social media channels, etc., and can transfer 10 million funds to investors’ accounts in a single day.

To help investors who cannot reach the threshold of opening an account to complete an account.

However, this kind of operation is too sloppy, and it is easy to flash to the waist.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the “Notice on Implementing the Appropriate Management Requirements for Science and Technology Investors“ to various securities companies, requiring brokers to strictly open the authority of Guanke“s board, and comprehensively verify the real situation of investors who have opened the trading opportunities of the board. .

When verifying and comprehensively evaluating the appropriate conditions of investors, brokers may require investors to provide relevant evidence such as funding sources as needed.

Investors with abnormal changes in the assets of the account before the opening of the account should be re-evaluated, and further management measures such as risk disclosure should be taken based on the evaluation results. Before the individual investor opens the trading authority of the stock board, the brokerage firm shall check whether the individual investor meets the investor“s appropriateness conditions.

@曹万万万万岁: Our listed companies have a ps fake account can not be found there, you can check this can be found?

@Anlly9999: However, the vest is too good to wear.

@苇名弦一郎丶: Chinese people are too smart, good at drilling, there are many ways to do it, it is not good to supervise

@心轻年: Regardless of the primary and secondary, not strict quality of listed companies, to check investors, no money to stir up a fart

@Be a good person 1221: It should be said why the Chinese economy has developed rapidly for 40 years, and the stock market has only 3,200 points! Why the stock market in the world is at a high level, but A shares are halfway up! Are we not the locomotive of the world economy? Didn“t it make a great contribution to the world economy?

@流氓去打架: I used to say that I strictly control the allocation of funds, isn’t it just a casual allocation?

However, Xiao Bian still feels that investors who do not meet the investment threshold do not have to “strongly open accounts” in order to participate in the investment in science and technology. Institutions should also strengthen risk notification and investor education. After all, investment is risky and must be cautious when entering the market!

What do you think about this?